About Blended Learning Academies

In September 2014, Blended Learning Academies opened its doors for the first time. Dr. Timothy Brannan, our founder, created a tuition-free environment for teens who were seeking a collaborative learning experience that blended the best of educational technology and teacher instruction.

​At Blended Learning Academies, we strive to provide each student with the tools they need in order to thrive in high school, careers, and beyond. We understand the necessity in preparing our students with the academic and social skills in order to accomplish success in life. Working together with parents, students, and staff members, we can provide the framework in order to create a successful learning environment for our students.

Blended Learning Academies Class of 2016
Blended Learning Academies Classroom

Who We Are

Blended Learning Academies takes a blended approach to learning. We believe that blended learning encompasses one-on-one teacher-student instruction, as well as small group and large group instruction. We use our blended approach to incorporate technology into everyday lesson plans, whether it’s through Google accounts, or instruction on Edify, our school’s online-based instructional program.

Blended Learning Academies believes that project-based learning that incorporates cross-curricular ideals is one of the best tools to use to increase student motivation, involvement, and success. We base our curriculum around project-based practices in order for our students to receive credit in multiple subjects through one project, which allows students to recover credit quickly, while still gaining the credit they need in order to receive their diploma.

Mission Statement

​Blended Learning Academies supports the emotional and academic strengths of 9-12 grade students in an educational environment that encourages all students to meet or exceed their intellectual and personal potential.

Vision Statement

Blended Learning Academies will cultivate a supportive learning environment that exposes students, through innovative teaching and learning practices, to events, opportunities, and environments that will help them become successful and productive citizens in college, work, and life.

Our Values


Respect each student, valuing the unique qualities that each student brings to the learning process


Partner with students so, together, we can ensure that individual educational needs are met.


Engage students by employing innovative teaching practices that encourage all students to reach their personal potential.


Students complete their high school education in a flexible and accommodating environment.

Personal Relationships

Cultivate personal relationships with students, demonstrating we care for both the student and the person.

Our trained staff provide individual learning plans for students who don’t fit in the traditional high school format.